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Where I Belong
A SquallxRinoa Multi-Fanworks Challenge
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1st-Aug-2020 01:38 am - [sticky post] Where I Belong - Master List

August 2012. Total challenge submissions: 128

Links will be posted by category, and then listed by author, title, rating (if it is provided), and where the submission is posted.

Art is split into two categories - "Icons/Graphic Art" for digital art--icons, banners, wallpaper, etc... "Art" is all other categories.

Fanfiction - StoriesCollapse )

Fanfiction - Drabbles/PoetryCollapse )

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Where I Belong (WiB) 

Fanfiction.net links:
WiB C2 - All submissions entered at FFnet - Fanfictions 2,500 words and over submitted for WiB.
WiB Question and Answers - Gives details about the challenge / mirror of LJ post. 
WiB Submissions - This is the mirror of the LJ submission post, but you only need to list it once. 
AO3 Request thread - For readers/writers who'd like an Archive of Our Own account (A03)                                 

Archive of Our Own links:
Ao3 'Collection' - Equivalent to a C2 at Fanfiction.net, but the site allows explicit content.

Live Journal links:
WiB LJ Community - General profile/info link to this com (left in for cross-posting)
Master List - Single most important item - everywork no matter medium will be listed (will x-post onto DW)
LJ Submissions - Mirror of ffnet, but again works only need to be listed at one place or the other.
WiB Mod - Request an A03 or - if there is a problem you don't want public - contact an admin on screened posts.

Twitter Information
WiB Twitter Feed - Second most important link as all items are tweeted at some point.

WiB deviantART Group - Our main art group at DA that will also contain poems/drabbles.
WiB deviantArt Quick Submission Page - Submissions to the dA group

WiB YouTube Channel - We will have like/favored all WiB video submissions to make our own 'collection.'

Facebook Event - Mostly this is for reference and complete listing of links.  

Master List - Mirror to the LiveJournal master list in case the site goes down. Will not be updated until after Sept. 1st.

Partner Sites
Final Fantasy VIII-II Tertius Veneficus Bellum - Epic site that will house art/video owned by PDestrucity. 
Final Fantasy VIII on Facebook - Great site with over 32k likes and international audience

FFVIII-Je t'aime
Another information post! This is a more comprehensive submissions guide/Q&A so to speak. Everything is a direct copy & paste from the forum entry @ ff.net.

French: Intéressé(e) par le challenge mais les consignes en anglais vous rebutent ? curieux/se d'en savoir plus ? Besoin d'une traduction FR-EN ou EN-FR ou d'assistance pour contacter / discuter avec les autres membres ? Demandez-moi ! Je suis là pour vous aider à ne rien rater de l'évènement ! ChrisVIII

Italian: Se avete domande sulla challenge, per l'italiano scrivete ad Alessia Heartilly, per avere risposte più veloci.

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31st-Jul-2012 05:56 pm - Submissions Page
FFVIII-Je t'aime
***This is the page for submissions. Please visit the Master List for links to all of the submissions that have been posted so far!***

Comments are completely open so you do not need an LJ account to post. If you do have an LJ account, you may post a link here, or just make a post to the community. We will still include a link on this list, but that way if you are submitting media that is in a format other sites may not host (such as FSTs), you will have a place to make those posts. If you choose to post to the community, please make sure your entry is viewable to the public! That way we are not linking to entries that are locked or friends-only!

Please use the following format when posting your submission in the comments:





Other Info:


*If you have a twitter and would like your account linked please put that above the title of your fic in your submissions comment

*You may post either here or the submission thread at ff.net. Please pick one.

*If you want your story translated by Alessia Heartilly to Italian, please give permission in this thread.

*To add to A03 - we need you to submit your piece to the "Where I Belong" collection so it may be approved

*Also at A03 please tag both "Where I Belong" and "Where I Belong collection" until the we are given our own official tag.

*You may submit a Work In Progress, so it may be added to the C2/Collections pages! It will be listed on the LJ master list as a WiP. The submission must be completely by August 31 or it will be removed from the challenge--we still want people to find your story, but as the challenge in August-only, everything needs to be completely by the end of the month!

Please DO NOT post any submissions until August 1, 2012, 12:01am PST.
28th-Jul-2012 11:28 am - Important Links
FFVIII-deliver me in a black winged bird
Here are links to the other web spaces for the challenge, as well as more detailed guidelines:

Fanfiction.net Forums (Come introduce yourself!)

fanfiction.net C2 community

Archive Of Our Own Collection

Twitter Account

deviantArt group

deviantArt quick submissions page

Event Page on Facebook

Other information:

Detailed Guidelines

If I have forgotten any links, please leave a comment and I will add them to the list!
28th-Jul-2012 11:18 am - Welcome Post
FFVIII-deliver me in a black winged bird
Well, here is the welcome post to the LJ page for the Where I Belong challenge!

Even though if you have found this page you probably already know a little bit about the challenge, here is the copy and pasted basic information the idea's creator, ashes_and_wings originally posted to her LJ:


This August, to celebrate Squall's birthday, we have decided to make his present one that's difficult for even him to return -a month-long Rinoa and Squall fandom challenge! (He truly is impossible to buy for... it tends to go badly for all parties involved.) Over the last decade many authors, artists, and even readers have drifted away from the fandom - it's only natural - people change, fandoms change, and things that you may have enjoyed in your free time might no longer be a priority.

Here's where the challenge starts! It's is not about bringing people back to the fandom to stay; this is simply about encouraging everyone to return to the roots of something we all enjoyed. It is also important to help the new authors/artists gain the confidence to post/draw/etc. We all had to start somewhere and for a lot of us it was in Final Fantasy VIII's little corner of the 'net.

Why Rinoa and Squall? Well, at one point, we were a close-knit group. Another reason? Romance was one of the most important aspects to FFVIII's designers - it remained a key, pivitol aspect through the entire game and to the franchise. To be clear - this challenge is about the relationship between Rinoa and Squall in a positive light. Yes, we easily can say that there were holes in the story, but that's what fan-created works do - give one a chance to explore.

We understand that everyone's tastes differ and there maybe interest in exploring other characters in the future. But for now, the "Where I Belong" challenge is designed with a single ideal - to explore the canon romance. We'll need help in spreading the word for the upcoming challenge.

Though you may think of this as a family or class reunion of sorts, we encourage everyone to take part. It doesn't matter if it's your first story/piece of art or your hundred and first - you are part of the challenge!

Again, this is open to all - writers, artists, icon makers, fanvid-ers, audio programs users, you name it, as long as it's Squall and Rinoa centric - we want to include it.


So, as she has said, this is for having fun! If you have come here through livejournal and have not seen anything related to this challenge yet, check out the links post for information on the ff.net forums, twitter page, A03 accounts, and facebook page, as well as a more detailed list of guidelines for the challenge.

Welcome once again!
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